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The TGSA fundraiser had quite the turnout ! 
Congrats Peter DeJong on winning this board and a huge thanks for all the donations !  

Board House Surf & Skate

509 N.Alister
Port Aransas , TX 78373

Your Only Stop in Port Aransas for Surf & Skate Supplies!!!

Quality Skateboards and surfboards, traditional, progressive and everything in between. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will make Texas surfing and skating a memorable experience! 

Surf it, Skate it! The Texas Surf and Skate Shop with soul, located in downtown Port Aransas!

We also have a good inventory of SUPs  

  Our Website is just a preview of the store 

Look for us on Facebook and Instagram @BoardHouseTX 

The Sampler 

The Sampler -

 (Coming soon ,reserve yours today!)  This board was developed w Dane Reynolds to be that step-down board you ride a little shorter and wider in smaller or weaker surf while not sacrificing performance. It fits in your quiver between something fishy like a High 5 or Pod Mod and your normal short board. 

The Mini

Channel Islands Mini now marked down to $599.00 + Free leash ! Just one of our many Holiday Specials !!! The Mini from Channel Islands , a 
collab with Kalani Robb … We have a 5'7 & 5'9 in stock now !!! 

BoardHouse Team Rider Aransas Blaha with her new Bunny Chow !

IN STOCK NOW ! - The Puddle Jumper is a con-caved, planing surfacer speeder. Domestic bliss with a twist. Based off the outline of the Bottom Feeder, but with reversed bottom and rocker curves. This board, unlike the past Domestic models (like The Bottom Feeder and RV) features a concave bottom that transitions to vee in the tail. The wide outline makes for easy wave catching and down the line glide and stability. The concave bottom adds lift and increased rail curve, which allows radical top to bottom surfing. The straight rail line and vee in the tail keep the board moving forward and hold in during hard carving maneuvers. “This is the most excited I have ever been about a small wave surfboard. Personally, it’s the best small wave board I have ever ridden. I have never made a claim like that about any board before”
- Matt Biolos

BoardHouse Surf & Skate wants to welcome John Hardeman to the team ! Its official , check him out under the team rider section … 

Check out these recent clips of Hardboy & follow him @harde_man :

Expedition is putting out the call to everyone who has ever wanted to design a deck. 
We’re giving four lucky winners the chance to design some decks for us. Post your art on instagram and tag #expeditionone,@welshington will find his favorite and put it on a board. Every winner will get a years worth of decks! Start submitting now, contest ends November 25.


Check out the Los Tacos Tapes Teaser on Vimeo : 




The Texas State Surfing Championship Trophy in memory of Wes Ellsworth 

Hypto Krypto's are here !!!
Check out Craig Anderson and the Hypto :

 Check out this link from RVCA in Western OZ

Yes , we carry Lost surfboards !
Such as this 5 - Fin RV


Check out for more ! 

Check this short film from :

Check out the Los Tacos Tapes Teaser on Vimeo :

                           Check it ! 

 George Powell is one of the very few skateboard builders in the world today who still manufactures many of his products in America under one roof just as he's always done .

Really interesting link about George Powell :

BoardHouse Surf & Skate carries all things NHS , can't find it anywhere , we can order it for you ! 

Used Surfboard List :

Used Surfboards

* Questions ? Give us a Call at 361.749.3100
  • 9'0 Mikey detemple christenson - $675
  • 7'6 BoardHouse - $350
  • 7'4 channel islands m-13 - $365 
  • 6'9 Firewire - $329
  • 6'8 Spindrift custom - new - $449
  • 6'4 von sol shadow - $375 
  • 6'4 hypto krypto - $365 
  • 6'2 proctor carbon eps - $350
  • 6'1 innerlight - $275 
  • 6'0 c.i. neckbeard - $320
  • 6'0 surf this eps - $279 
  • 5'11 Channel Islands robber - $425 
  • 5'10 nsp - $125 
  • 5'10 linden - $225
  • 5'9 Average joe - $449
  • 5'6 channel islands flyer - $295 
  • 5'6 aftermath - $199 
  • We stock NEW Soft top surfboards  5'6 - 9'0 , starting at $249.00 - $299.00 
  •  Anyone can put a surfboard on consignment, just call for details or e-mail info :
  • We do Layaway ...

New goods up on web store !


                       BoardHouse Blog :

*11/24 Yes we are OPEN Today - We will be OPEn on Tuesdays until further notice  

*11/24 Our Footprints on the Island Art show coming up Nov.29th at La Playa Mexican Grille here in Port A ! 

*11/24 Follow the BoardHouse Skate team @cheapthrills88 @skeletonelk @harde_man @mojojojo314 @epiclylame @nohelp83 and Dirt , but he doesn't have an Insta ! 

*11/23 New items added to our web store 

*11/23 Holidays are approaching , SALES SPECIALS are starting to show  

*11/22 Yes we are OPEN on SUNDAYS 

*11/21 The TGSA fundraiser was a success , thanks everyone !!!  

*11/21 Samplers from Channel Islands should be here next week ! 

*11/20 TGSA fundraiser tmrw night at Docs Seafood & Steaks ! 

*11/19 All Sandals & Swimwear 25 - 50 % OFF 

*11/19 Still some leftovers today at the pier !

*11/18 Fun surf running today !!!



Online Registration for the Port Aransas Open  is now open.  Please get your registration in asap.

This event will have a two week window to run.  If it does not run in this period, it will be move to the back of the schedule.

Please remember you must be a TGSA member before you can participate in a competitive event. You may sign up online or download our membership form and waiver

*11/17 Yes we are OPEN today until 3:30 ish … 

*11/16 BoardHouse surf team takes a 3rd over the weekend at the Matagorda Open ! 

*11/16 New crew sweaters from Vans & Neff for the guys & gals  ! 

*11/15 Finals today at TGSA Matagorda Open , good luck everyone !!! 

*11/14 Come by and see the sale specials 

*11/14 Matagorda Contest is running 

*11/13 All Boardshorts , Sandals & Swimwear is on SALE UP TO % 50 OFF !!!

*11/13 Gorda contest is a GO ! Check for more info 

*11/12 TGSA Matagorda contest could run this weekend , get signed up if you haven't yet … 

*11/11 One of the newest BoardHouse Team riders makes the local paper  

*11/10 Tops are here from XCEL ! 

*11/9 Fun leftovers this morn on the N side...

*11/8 Yes , we are OPEN on Sundays ...

*11/7 All boardshorts & bikinies 30-50 % OFF

*11/7 Good luck in Cali Mads !!!  

*11/7 Fun lil waves this morn  

*11/6 Gorda Contest Postponed ... check for more info ...

*11/5 Surf forecast looking good for this weekend  

*11/4 Wetsuits & tops from Body Glove , Excel are starting to show  

*11/3 Matagorda Surf Contest next up for TGSA 

*11/3 Yes We are Open today until 4:00 pm

*11/2 Come see us , running sandal and board short sales now !!! 25 - 35 % OFF plus 1/2 Off Sale rack 

*11/2 Still a lil wave out there check for more 

*11/1 Really fun surf running today 

*10/31 Happy Halloween !!!

*10/30 Surfed has picked up quite a bit from yesterday  

*10/29 New items added to our online store ! 

*10/29 Plan B deck are in ...

*10/28 Shipment from Modern in , including     " bamboo boards "

*10/27 New goods from Deluxe in !!! 

*10/26 New boards added to webstore 

*10/26 Good job BoardHouse Surf Team , 3rd Place overall teams !!! Individual results coming soon … 

*10/25 Open today ( Sunday ) till 5:00 

*10/24 Day one complete at the Seawall , getting started tmrw morn around 8:00 ! Come support what you love ! 

*10/23 The Packery Channel Open has been CALLED ON.  This event will be run at the Seawall and be staged at the Windward Parking lot north of the Holiday Inn.  Set up will begin at 8:00 AM, check in at 8:30 AM and we will start with the first heat at 9:00 AM.  We do expect some rain delays, so please watch the head board and order of events carefully.

TGSA ALL-STAR FUNDRAISER POSTPONED – The TGSA All-Star Fundraiser scheduled for Saturday, October 24th has been postponed due to flooded conditions surrounding Doc’s Seafood and Steaks.  A new date will be posted as soon as we are able to confirm availability.

*10/22 ALL Boardshorts & Sandals %25 - %30 OFF 

*10/21 Results from Old Town Fest : Mens - 1st Zach May , 2nd Morgan Faulkner , 3rd Matt Hamm , 4th Peter Dejong , 5th Nathan Marney , 6th Teddy Nicholson , 7th Tim McBride 
Womens : 1st Maddie Garlough , 2nd Brittany Tupaj , 3rd Olive Smith , 4th Aransas Blaha - Congrats Everyone !!! 

*10/20 Fun surf running this morn 

*10/19 Find us on Instagram @BoardHouseTX

*10/18 Congrats Zach May & Maddie Garlough on taking 1st Place in the mens  & women's divisions in the Old Town Contest ! 

*10/18 Thanks everyone who helped out yesterday with the contest & everything else we had going on  

*10/17 Old Town is going down  

*10/16 Old Town Surf Expression Session tmrw morn @Horace Caldwell Pier . 

*10/16 D-Town throw down going on this weekend in Dallas , good luck everyone that is attending !!! 

*10/15 ATT . Team Riders : New stickers in !!! 

*10/13 Taco Tues 

*10/12 Bronson bearings are here !!! Free shipping anywhere in Texas !!! 

*10/12 Updates on web store 

*10/11 Sandal Sale Running for another week if you missed out ! 

*10/10 All Sandals % 25 OFF 

*10/8 Port Aransas Old Town Fest coming up Oct.16 - 18 ( Surf Expression Session )  
Sat. Oct.17 @9:00 a.m.  

*10/7 New shipment from Vans , TNT SG , Era Pro , Crocketts , Blacked Out Slip on Pros and more 

*10/6 New decks in from DGK & Expedition ! 

*10/5 Fall shipments have arrived , more en route !!! 

*10/4 BoardHouse Skate Team and crew in Houston this weekend  

*10/3 Good luck everyone competing at Wild in the Parks this weekend at Southside ! 

*10/1 Port A Old Town Fest kicking off this month , Expression Session Surf Contest Sat. OCT. 17 th - first 30 entries only - $12 to enter *  Free T shirt + prizes for 1st - 4th  

*10/1 New Items added to Sale Rack 

*10/1 New Products added to our online store 

*9/30 Couple New styles from Stance Socks are here !!! 

*9/29 Volcom Wild in the Parks this weekend @Southside Skatepark of Houston 

*9/28 Fun waves this morning , light off shore winds 

*9/28 Good size Neff order in !!! 

*9/27 Open until 5:00 today ( Sunday ) 

*9/26 Volcom BushFish up and running , fun little waves ! 

*9/25 Volcom Bushfish to be held at Bobs 

*9/25 New batch of BoardHouse Surfboards just in … Up on web soon !!! 

*9/25 Fun wave out this morning on the north side  

*9/24 Volcom Bushfish this weekend , contest could be moved to Port A due to red tide , stay tuned for details  

*9/23 Fun lil wave out there this morning  picking up for the weekend ! 

*9/22 Taco Tues 

*9/21 New items moved to the SALE rack 

*9/20 Great morning for the SUPs , don't forget we rent surfboards , SUPs , skim and body boards . 

*9/19 Open Sundays till 5:00 

*9/18 Volcom Surf contest next weekend Sept.26 @ Bob Hall Pier 

*9/17 Another batch of shop decks just came in yesterday !!! 

*9/16  Come by and check out our 1/2 OFF or BUY ONE GET ONE SALE !!! 

*9/15 New gear from Vans in the store  tees , socks & acc. 

*9/12 BoardHouse Surf & Skate will be attending Surf Expo this year in Orlando  

*9/9 Come check us out , we have re arranged the store to better serve  

*9/8 WE will be closed today , online store open 24/7 

*9/8 Hope everyone had a great summer !!!

*9/6 Labor Day / End of Summer clearance going on now through Monday !!! 

*9/5 Tent Sale Today in front of store ...

*9/4 HUGE Labor Day weekend SALE !!! 20 , 30 even % 50 OFF !!! 

*9/3 Come check the 1/2 OFF BUY ONE GET ONE SALE RACK !!! 

*9/2 Bronson bearings are here  

*9/1 New gear in from Nike 

*8/30 Thanks to everyone who made it out last night !!! What a time !!! 

*8/29 Los Taco Tapes movie premier tonight at shop ! 

*8/27 Summer End used/demo board sell off going on now , great deals to be had 

*8/27 Great day to get out on a SUP ! New , used , or just rent one ! 

*8/26 Welcome Skateboard order just in ! 

*8/24 Another Summer in the books ! 

*8/23 Los Taco Tapes Movie Premier next Saturday , August 29 . Show starts around dark ! 

*8/22 Grom Round Up is Up and running this morning ! Good luck everyone , surf hard and most importantly HAVE FUN ! 

*8/21 Grom Round Up this Saturday morning at Horace Caldwell Pier . Free to all kids 13 & under . 

*8/20 Film sesh this morn at Packery , Surf Team puttn in work  

*8/19 Fun lil wave out there today  

*8/18 New GoPro goods in : Hero 4 sessio, Hero+LCD , Hero 4 Silver are all here .

*8/17 Used Surfboard list Updated ! 

*8/17 OPEN 7 days a week , online store OPEN 24 / 7 

*8/16 Tent Sale this weekend , look for BoardHouse tent ! 

*8/15 BoardHouse skate crew out on the road this weekend , hide the woman and children 

*8/14 Tent Sale this weekend in front of the store ! 

*8/13 GoldCoast skateboard order Re-up is in ! 

*8/12 Box of Channel Islands Performance fins just in

*8/12 New goods in from KAYO ! Gold wheels , decks from DGK & Expedition , tees & stickers !

*8/11 Taco Tues Video Premier August 29th at store 
*8/10 New items to web store being added this week ! 

*8/9 The Mini from Channel Islands is here!  



*8/6 Good luck Matt 

*8/5 New from Channel Islands just unboxed!!!

*8/5 Check out the Stereo site :

*8/4 Guy Takayama Pro in Oceanside , CA this weekend , good luck Texas crew ! 

*8/4 Buy 1 Get 1 FREE rack is out  

*8/3 New Stance Socks display is here …  

*8/2 Always OPEN Sundays  

*8/1 August is here  Summer Savings are as well ! 

*7/31 SUP Demo tmrw Sat. Aug. 1st -  South Side the pier ! 


*7/29 More Deluxe skate goods in stock  

*7/28 We can ship just about anywhere , just ask ! 

*7/27 Yes , we do Surf Lessons 

*7/27 New goods in from Neff headwear , such as boonie hats , snap backs , shades & socks ! 

*7/26 Online store Open 24 / 7 , you can always message for specific items not found on site , our web store is still a work in progress ! 

*7/26 Store always Open on Sunday !!! 

*7/25 Open on Fri. and Sat. till 8 p.m. 

*7/24 Good size SkateOne order just showed . Bones wheels , Reds , Super Reds , rails and acc.

*7/24 Luau dinner tonight at the American Bank Center 

*7/23 Robert August popped in today 

*7/22 Fun wave this morning 

*7/21 Save the Date : July 24th at the American Bank Center - Luau Fundraiser Dinner for the Texas Surf Museum 

*7/20 Clean longboard waves at Packery this morn 

*7/19 New products in from NHS ! 

*7/18 Texas Surf Camps running strong , all kids welcome 5+ call 361.749.6956 for more info 

*7/18 Small surf running this morning , better than its been the past few days  

*7/17 Vans Propeller DVDs are here , won't let long  FREE with $50 Purchase 

*7/16 More ROXY & RVCA for the ladies 

*7/14 Buy One get One SALE going on !!! 

*7/13 Monday morn blues ??? stop by , we will put an end to that ! 

*7/12 Always OPEN on Sundays till at least 4:00 p.m. 

*7/11 Check out the Los Tacos Tapes Teaser on Vimeo : 


Check out the Los Tacos Tapes Teaser on Vimeo : 
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